Tekk NT Series Two-Way Radio Programming Service

(Now Serving the San Francisco Bay Area)

Perfect for those looking to program their Tekk NT radios for MURS or GMRS use.

Please read the following guidelines for the use of this service:

1. This will only be conducted on a local basis only. The radio owner must be present during the programming process.  No shipping of radios to me at this time.

2. Payment can be through PayPal (credit/debit cards accepted) or cash payment at the time of programming. No checks please.

3. I assume no liability and have no responsibility if anything should happen to the radio during and after the programming process.

4. Refund available only if I am unable to program the radio with any data.

5. Programming of radio does not include full technical support, however I am more than happy to answer most questions during and after programming.

6. FCC license verification will be necessary if public safety or any other licensed frequencies are to be programmed for transmitting. Please bring appropriate FCC documentation showing your license to transmit on such frequencies.

Cost (per radio): $15 if radio owner meets me at any public location in the San Leandro/Hayward area.

Service includes programming of any Tekk NT series radio and CTCSS/DCS tones (if supported).  The necessary programming cable and software will be provided.

Radio owner agrees to all policies set forth above and to any other conditions that may be negotiated on a per case basis when service request is made.

Please note that it may take as much as 1 hour for programming to be completed. Please allow for an appropriate amount of time for the task to be completed.

I will provide my contact information once contact is made with me using the form below:



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I will try to reply within two days of receiving your request.

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